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SynerG XP series Stand Alone - Smart Orientation System

BULL’S-EYE! (every time) HIT YOUR MARK WITH A NITA SMART ORIENTATION SYSTEM: The SynerG XP series of Smart Orientation systems are designed to position your containers exactly where you need it. Using professional grade optical or sensory equipment, the various orientation modules available will position the container according to pre-set reference points. The containers may be oriented by one of the following mechanisms: 1) Digital sensor: Recognizes and orients to physical features like handles. 2) Cognex checker: Sees and orients container against contrast points like color and design topography. 3) High Res Camera: Takes a picture and matches the container orientation up to the memorized image. Produced as a Stand-Alone Orientation Unit or integrated into a powerful Nita Smart Labeling System.

Nita’s Advantages:

  • 100% Non-Proprietary Electronics
  • Trusync™ and Virtual Operator Assistant™ Technology for Changeovers in just minutes!
  • Recipe System with Calibrated Adjustment Stations
  • Servo Motors and Programmable Drives
  • Software managed with Remote Login Troubleshooting
  • Precision to 1/32”
  • Blistering 1570” Per Minute Application Speed
  • All Stainless Steel Parts
  • Vision Camera and Checker systems for pinpoint orientation
  • Variable Information Coding Options
  • Print Engine, Scanner and Reject Station Integration Options
  • 16” OD Rolls (Standard 12” with 3” Cores)
  • Wide Web widths up to 12” (Standard 6”)


  • Wipe Gates
  • Foam Back Closure Rollers
  • Wrap Stations

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