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Joust SeriesTop & Bottom Bag and Flat Object Labeler - Joust BL

FLAT OUT PRECISION: The Nita Joust BL is the industry’s most technologically advanced label application system designed to accurately and efficiently apply a single Top or Top & Bottom label to a variety of flat sealed-edge bags (like zipper bags) or other flat objects. Special guide systems prevent bag skewing and wrinkling ensuring a straight and precisely applied label on every bag! Powered feeder systems allow for speeds of up to 100 bags per minute!

Nita’s Advantages:

  • 100% Non-Proprietary Electronics
  • Trusync™ and Virtual Operator Assistant™ Technology for Changeovers in just minutes!
  • Recipe System with Calibrated Adjustment Stations
  • Servo Motors and Programmable Drives
  • Software managed with Remote Login Troubleshooting
  • Precision to 1/32”
  • Blistering 1570” Per Minute Application Speed
  • All Stainless Steel Parts
  • Vision Camera and Checker systems for pinpoint orientation
  • Variable Information Coding Options
  • Print Engine, Scanner and Reject Station Integration Options
  • 16” OD Rolls (Standard 12” with 3” Cores)
  • Wide Web widths up to 12” (Standard 6”)

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