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Sleeving Equipment Sleeve Applicator Series 8300

Item: 8300: The NEW Label-Aire® Sleeve Applicator Series Model 8300 is a fast (up to 250 products per minute), efficient, and easy-to-operate single head shrink sleeve labeling system that can easily handle most tamper-evident, overall-, middle-, and full-body sleeve (including sustainable film) applications. Specifically designed for high speed runs of up to 250 products per minute, the new Model 8300 will easily handle all industry standard sleeve materials and a wide range of container shapes and sizes. The Label-Aire Sleeve Applicator Series Model 8300 is designed to meticulous specifications including: Easy-to-operate PLC controls, stainless steel/anodized aluminum construction, high-speed operation, and stepper drive technology.


  • HMI touch screen - User-friendly controls for reduced set up time.
  • Stainless steel and anodized aluminum construction - Handles the most hostile work environments.
  • Patented cutting assembly - Results in high productivity and long blade life.
  • Stepper drive technology - Advanced film feed system ensures accuracy.
  • Transparent safety doors and covers - Provides full operator protection during labeling.
  • Wide product capability - Handles product widths from 1.0625" (26.9875 mm) to 4.625" (117.475 mm) for added versatility.
  • Variety of applications - Tamper evident, overall-body, middle-body, and full-body sleeve.